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What Is Domain Name

To run or open a website, you have already heard about the domain name, what is the domain name and how do they work? Many people wonder what is the connection inside the website and domain name?  The answer to this question will be known in detail within the post.

 What is domain name?

 Different type of identity inside the internet world or you can speak in internet language your website should have an address that is Domain name.

 How do domain names work?

 Domain Name System (DNS) or Domain name is a system that names websites. Domain name was invented by "Paul Moukapetris" in the early 1983 Internet.

 Ip address (internet protocol address) is attached to each website.  Ip address looks like this ex: (80: 80: 80:80) There is an IP address in the place where you hosted your website.  That IP is connected to your domain only when you update that IP over domain DNS.

 When you search the domain over any browser, you will see that your website is hosted above the IP address.

 The domain name is used to run any website because the IP address is difficult to remember and when you host your website in different place, the IP address will also change but the domain name never changes.  If you are hosting a website, then connect the IP of that place with your domain only then you will get the site live.

 Domain Name Types -

 It is very important to select the correct domain name for your website or blog.  The domain name is of many types but all domain names are divided in part.

 1. TLD - Top Level Domains

 With the help of Top Level Domain, the website owner targets the all country audience and also easily ranks the website. Top level falls within Domains -

 .Com (for almost everyone)

 .Org (for organization)

 .Net (Network)

 .Edu (objective of education)

 .Biz (Business)

 .Info (information)

 Ex:, etc.

 2.CcTLD - Country Code Top Level Domains

 When a website owner wants to color their website over a country cooler, the country wise domain name selection.


 .us-united states




 Subdomain is not purchased is a part of the main domain. You can create a Subdomain as much as you want from a domain.

 for example-

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