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What Is Blog ? And How To Create Blog Full Info

What is a blog? What are the advantages of creating a blog?  Blogging makes money? etc. If you are looking for answers to all these questions then you have come to the right place.

 I will try to discus over the blog as much as possible, this post for those who have heard the blog for the first time.

 What is Blog?

 In olden days people used to write in diary but in present day too many people write on top of online and make it public. If speaking in easy language, blog is called writer after writing article on some topic which is publicly  Prakash is done, it is called a blog, many people also call it a website.

 Blogs can be on top of any topic digital marketing, phone review, travel, share market etc.

 What is Blogger? 

 A person who publishes his ideas through a blog is called a blogger. There are many types of bloggers in the world. The job of a blogger is to write posts, respond to comments and maintain your blogging site. Google also has a free  The product is known as Blogger.

 Where did blogging originate from?

 A subtle form of the word 'web log' blog, 1997, 17 December John Berger first invented the term weblog. In 1999 Peter Merholz jokingly addressed the word weblog on his blog.  Evan Williams was a blogger who used the word blog in both nouns and verbs and invented the word blogger. In 1999, a large blogger community was formed under the name that Google Company bought in 2003.

 How does a blog look?

 Inside the blog, a person's thoughts, information about anything is available, you can get knowledge by reading it. There is a simple contact inside the blog, you can write a comment by commenting how you felt. About us, contact  us, privacy policy, all these pages remain.  If you are reading this contact, it is inside the blog, you will get to know a little bit by looking at it.

 Which blog should you write above?

 It is not that you can write on a subject, blog you can write on any topic that you like and you have a lot of knowledge on that topic. - Personal blogging, affiliate program, mobile review  , health over any topic.

 Benefits of creating a blog?

 1) You have a blog, so when you want to work, and when you do not, do not get the freedom of time, live life like a boss.

 2) Inside blogging you can earn money like passive income, work once and get paid again and again.

 3) Putting your thoughts and lots of information on your blog increases your knowledge.

 4) You can earn money sitting at home by blogging.

 5) By blogging you can improve your writing.

 6) You can also be popular on the Internet by blogging.

 7) Blogging You can write above any language.

 8) Gender does not matter in blogging, anyone can.

 Does it cost to make a blog?

 No, it does not cost any money to build a blog, but if you want to have extra facility, extra speed and many other things, then you have to buy premium.

 I recommend, if you are new to the field of blogging and want to create a blog, then above Google's free platform you can blogging for free, this is the best option for you.

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