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How To Create Blogger Free Blog Sites

How To Create Blogger Free Blog Sites

Blogging is the most popular way of earning moneythrough the Internet. Learn more in previous posts about what a blog is.  Today you will know how to create blogger free blog sites?  You can also do blogging part time and full time.  Many people are earning a lot of money by blogging.

 Free blog websites platform

 There are many free blogging platforms available inside the Internet such as-



 4) (easy to use)

 To create a professional blog or website, you will have to hire a website developer, otherwise you should come with "HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP" language.  Right now you are wondering if I can not make a blog, yes you can create at all.  There are many website builder platforms on top of the Internet, with the help of which you can create a blog without coding knowledge, the most popular blogging platform "Blogger" which is Google's own product.

 Note- website means working on one topic like- Google search engine only for keyword search, only for product sell, and blogging means sharing your knowledge with others and gaining knowledge.

 Why should you do blogging?

 1) You have a blog, so when you want to work, and when you do not, do not get the freedom of time, live life like a boss.

 2) Inside blogging you can earn money like passive income, work once and get paid again and again.

 3) Putting your thoughts and lots of information on your blog increases your knowledge.

 4) You can earn money sitting at home by blogging.

 5) Blogging can improve your writing.

 6) You can also be popular on the Internet by blogging.

 7) Blogging You can write above any language.

 8) Gender does not matter in blogging, anyone can.

 Advantage of making blog over Blogger

 1) Hosting: Like self host platform, you do not need to buy hosting, you are provided free by Google.  If you create your own blog for hosting purchase, then in the year ₹ 5,000 - ₹ 10,000 would have been spent.

 2) Subdomain: If you do not have money, you can start a blog with a subdomain.  Later, when you have money, then add a custom domain.

 3) Security: Top level security is available inside it for free.

 4) Use: Easy to use compared to other platforms.

 How to create blogger free blog sites?

 To do blogging you need internet connection, computer, laptop or mobile.

 A gmail account is required to open an account on Blogger.  Open any browser, I recommend using Google's chrome browser as it is the most secure browser.

 After this type in the search box and search After the website is opened, your Gmail account is login then login will not have to be done again and if login is not done then you login first.

 Next, click above Create your blog option, a dashboard will open, there will appear three options-

 1) Titel- You have to write what you want to name your site.

 2) Address- What do you want to name the website ex: '' (you can add custom domain if you want)

 3) By default theme of theme-blogger can be used, otherwise you can use any third party theme.

 Click on the Create blog option, finally done to create a block for free.

 What kind of post you need and how you felt about this post about blogger free blog sites, please tell by commenting.

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